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The battle over Europe

Detlef von Daniels

In the Anglophone press and in some intellectual circles there appears to be a broad alliance favouring an “end to austerity”. What all these positions share is that they treat the crisis as a matter of theoretical dispute: If only the correct economic or philosophical view would prevail the appropriate course of action would be clear. The current situation might help to remind us, the theorists, that in the course of actions we can only watch and sometimes, like when Hegel saw Napoleon, get a glimpse of world history. It might also remind us that before theoria was invented as an eternal idea a different, more mundane view reigned: Heraclitus's reflection of polemos (war, fight, struggle) as the father of all things. Weiterlesen

405 Detlef von Daniels

Lustration and guilt: Evolution of the Venice Commission’s approach

Nikolai Bobrinsky

On 19 June 2015 the Venice Commission issued its final opinion on the Law on government cleansing (lustration law) of Ukraine. Compared to the interim opinion, the final document is much more favorable to the Ukraine’s lustration initiative. One of the most interesting changes concerns the role of guilt in the lustration framework. Weiterlesen

404 Nikolai Bobrinsky

Merkel, Tsipras und die Schwierigkeit, das offensichtlich Richtige zu tun

Maximilian Steinbeis

In dem aktuellen Drama um Griechenland sehen sich zwei europäische Politiker mit der Erwartung konfrontiert, etwas offensichtlich Richtiges, aber gleichzeitig offenkundig Unmögliches zu tun. Alexis Tsipras soll aus Griechenland endlich einen funktionalen Staat machen, Angela Merkel soll Griechenland endlich aus der Schuldenfalle rauslassen. Wenn das so offensichtlich ist, warum tun sie es dann nicht? Ein großer Teil der Öffentlichkeit übt sich in personalisierender Kompetenz- und Motivationsdiagnostik. Ich halte einen anderen Punkt für interessanter. Weiterlesen

363 Maximilian Steinbeis

How to Leave the Euro More or Less Legally

Andrew Duff

There is much speculation, some of it silly, about how to leave the euro if you want to. The ordinary way requires unanimity in the Council, so Greece (or anyone else) could veto the plan. So is there a way for Greece to exit the euro by qualified majority voting (QMV)? Here the logical thing to do is turn to the decision-making process that applies to joining the euro, and reverse the thrust. Weiterlesen

346 Andrew Duff

The EU elephant in the Greek room: What would EU citizens have voted for in the referendum?

Alberto Alemanno

July 5, 2015 will go down in history as a game changer for Europe, regardless of what you think, or would have voted for, in the Greek referendum. The future of the Eurozone is no longer a private affaire by EU leaders and creditors but – amid an ill-designed and largely unanticipated referendum – suddenly became the object of a transnational and pan-European political conversation about our collective future. For the first time, no single EU citizen – regardless of her passport – could credibly claim not to care about what was going on in another Member State. Weiterlesen

303 Alberto Alemanno
 Schwerpunkt  Europe's Justice Deficit?

Looking for the ‘Justice’ in EU civil and private law?

Diana Wallis

It is great to see this debate on the EU justice deficit. To me this debate goes to the fundamental issue of legitimacy, with which the EU continues to grapple. However I have one regret, which relates to the lack of attention devoted to the European Union's justice deficit in the area of civil and private law. All of us enter into private law obligations throughout our lives, making small contracts, buying property, inheriting property, being involved in an accident; the list is endless. The justice or injustice consequences of these civil law interactions, in terms of the way in which these obligations operate, are construed and adjudicated upon which can dramatically impact individuals and society. Weiterlesen

401 Diana Wallis

Why the Greferendum IS NOT a Problem under Greek Constitutional Law

Alexandros Kessopoulos

Amongst mounting controversies surrounding the Greek bailout program and the referendum called by the Greek government, questions about the constitutionality of the initiative have been raised. The matter is of great importance, since the Council of the State will rule on the constitutionality of the bill this Friday. Given what is at stake, this might seem to be a totally peripheral question. That said, we will attempt a response, so as to clarify certain legal questions and also to point at the uses and abuses of constitutional arguments. Weiterlesen

399 Alexandros Kessopoulos

Griechenland und die EU: Kann mal jemand auf uns Scheidungskinder hören?

Maximilian Steinbeis

Zu jeder richtigen Ehekrise gehört dazu, dass die beiden Partner an irgendeinem Punkt aufgehört haben, die Rekonstruktion der Wirklichkeit des jeweils anderen verstehen zu wollen. Spätestens seit dem letzten Wochenende scheinen mir Griechenland und der Rest der Eurozone in einem ebensolchen Zirkel angekommen zu sein. Und an "Freunden" und "Freundinnen", die den Streit nach Kräften befeuern, fehlt es auf beiden Seiten nicht. Ich fühle mich unterdessen wie das Kind des Scheidungspaares, das sich im Kleiderschrank versteckt. Weiterlesen

363 Maximilian Steinbeis

Greece: voting for or against Europe

Pavlos Eleftheriadis

A ‘no’ result in the Greek referendum next Sunday will set in motion the process of disengagement from the Eurozone. It is true that the EU cannot throw Greece out of the Euro. There is no legal mechanism for ‘Grexit’ as Syriza’s ministers say again and again. But this is irrelevant. The mechanism will work the other way round: the Greek government will beg for Grexit, when it finds out that it absolutely has to recapitalise its banks within a matter of days and discovers that the unilateral creation of a new currency is against EU law. Weiterlesen

379 Pavlos Eleftheriadis

Solidarität mit Griechenland: Gern, aber ich hätte da ein paar Fragen

Maximilian Steinbeis

Heute erreicht mich eine Mail, in der ich aufgefordert werde, einen Aufruf zur Solidarität mit der griechischen Regierung und ihrem geplanten Referendum zu unterstützen. Gleichheit, Gerechtigkeit, Solidarität, Demokratie – wer will da schon dagegen sein. Aber ich bin ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen durcheinander. Ich hätte da noch ein paar Fragen, bevor ich mich entscheide. Weiterlesen

363 Maximilian Steinbeis